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Top Six Picks: Dog-Friendly Parks in DC to Picnic

As we are nearing Memorial Day weekend, we thought it best to list some great spots to enjoy the weekend with your favorite picnic partners! Washington DC offers some wonderful dog parks, but it takes a little more exploring to find just the right spot for both human and K-9 to set up camp and enjoy a few hours of respite from the hub-bub of city life and sounds of sirens. Below are our top picks for best parks in DC to picnic and play with your dog!

1) Rock Creek Park

This wouldn't be a post about our beloved DC without first mentioning the obvious woodlands within our city! Rock Creek Park has numerous picnic areas that not only have great sites for you to barbecue this weekend, but also have enough space to bring your pup along. There is so much space and hiking within the Rock Creek Park area that you may be able to even let your dog run on a longer leash in a few areas, or even the in creek for some water play!

2) Anacostia Park

Right beside the river with a beautifully paved walkway, this park is literally perfect for dogs, yet it is still not overwhelmingly crowded like Yards Park across the river! Anacostia Park has multiple open fields perfect for playing fetch/frisbee or setting up blanket for a picnic! The park also offers some tables throughout, as well as a recreation center nearby with playgrounds. Many utilize the paths for running, but as a local, I've still yet to see a huge crowd of dogs fully enjoy the outdoor gold that this park has to offer!

3) Montrose Park

Just north of Georgetown, this park has been favored by many locals and even said to have been kept a bit of a "secret" as much as possible! It's a gem for its open spaces, as well as footpaths that lead in to the Rock Creek Park. This park also has a playground and tennis courts. The park is often pictured for its beautiful trees and landscape so it would make for a wonderful picnic in the shade and potential running for your dog.

4) Garfield Park

Found in the Capitol Hill/almost Navy Yard area, this park is one of our personal favorites to bring our kids and dog to as it has a nice playground, small path amongst the trees, and great landscape for a blanket picnic with our pooch! Locals tend to keep dogs to the right side of the park during the week due to the schools' use of the park, but on weekends there are dogs galore on both sides.

5) East Potomac Park/Haines Point

This is one of the greatest places to take your dog for a walk in this city, that is...if your dog is like ours and loves the smell of water/fish and a less crowded pathway! The park is a peninsula onto the Potomac River, with the newly renovated Wharf on one side and the Reagan Airport on the other side. The park also has some great areas along the pathway in which you could set up a blanket to picnic or just rest and enjoy the unique views of boats and airplanes simultaneously.

6) Meridian Hill Park

Central to the city and to most of our clients, this historic and unique park is dreamy for a memorial day picnic with your pup! The fountains are most likely up and running for the weekend, which sets your pooch at peace with an ambience from many different nooks that you could set up to picnic in the park. The only thing to be aware of is that the crowds may all gather on the top end of the park for a weekend off of work, so it may be one to many for a shy dog or one that struggles with anxiety!

Weather-permitting, we hope this helps you to plan for a perfect Memorial Day Barbecue or picnic outdoors with your dog! In the meantime, we'll get our walk on and see your dog in the coming days for another adventure walk in the city!


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