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Why Your Dog Needs Us: Importance of Walking a Dog

We all know that, much like humans, walking is great for dogs. Even though we may seem like we know the importance of walking a dog, sometimes it can be mistaken as a luxury, an after-thought, or a reward. However, if we actually stop to really talk through the crucial benefits of walking dogs, we can recognize that a minimum of, at least, one walk a day is actually very necessary and extremely important for the overall health of dogs. Our company is passionate about sharing the facts and truths of why what we do at Woof Walk DC is not only important, but strategic for your dog’s socialization, health, and overall well being!


This is a no brainer. We all know that walking is great exercise for our dog. But, did you know that, according to VCA Animal Hospital, over half of the dogs in America are obese? Obesity can largely be a sign of not getting ENOUGH exercise. Obesity can lead to multiple health issues for your dog; including:

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Breathing Problems, Osteoarthritis Pain, Shortened Life Expectancy,Hypertension (high blood pressure), and Kidney Disease.

It’s no surprise that when our dogs are healthy and weight appropriate they will live longer!

Vitamin D

Just like humans, dogs can receive great amounts of Vitamin D just from being outside and in the sun! Vitamin D can produce Serotonin, which helps with a dogs sleep, overall happiness, and appetite. For older dogs, an increase of Vitamin D is also great for their joints if they are showing signs of pain.


When we walk around our neighborhood or go to work, we may notice that Tom in Dupont Circle redid his front patio, or that Susie from the 8th floor has recently come back from a vacation and seems very happy...and in these simple observations or exchanges in catching up with the people around us, we find a sense of social belonging and friendship. In the same way, by simply going on a walk in the neighborhood, dogs can find a sense of purpose, belonging, and excitement by sniffing each others markings or, perhaps, sniffing one another and saying hello as neighbors and friends.

A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose, while humans have only 5 million.

By getting out and walking in the fresh air, being able to sniff their surroundings, dogs are able to socialize and come alive in a way that they are meant to interact in this world. We know and understand the importance of a walk being much more than just exercise or being allowed to go potty. Our Woof Walk DC walkers are actually professionals at discerning when is best for your dog to stop and interact with other dogs and people.

Many of the dogs that we walk have become accustomed to their "packs," their friends, (we many times strategically group these according to behavior, age, location, etc) that they walk with, and sometimes even play with before being returned home!


Life is constantly changing, whether in small ways or in big's inevitable. Dogs, much like children, thrive on a sense of routine. Studies have actually found that a dog's intelligence level is much like a child/toddler. If I know anything as a nanny in previous years, as well as a mother of two with one on the's that routine is key. A sense of consistency can tell our dogs that no matter what is going on in our lives that they can trust us as owners to lead them.

For instance, feeding your dog in the morning, taking them out for a quick break, petting them before you leave for work, letting Woof Walk DC come and take them on an adventure, and then you returning home to them is a great way to show your dog that they can depend on you and their routine. Walking routinely is especially wonderful in reinforcing consistency with skills/behavior learned in training!


Finally, has your dog ever chewed something or gotten into the garbage seemingly out of the blue? Or has it ever misbehaved unexpectedly? Often confused as behavioral issues, these negative actions can actually be signs that your dog may be stressed or feeling anxious.

One of the best ways of relieving your dog’s stress and improving its behavior and happiness in your home is by allowing the dog to get outside! Your dog may be smelling things, hearing things, feeling restless being cooped up inside, especially in a noisy city setting like Washington, DC. When your dog takes a stroll with Woof Walk DC they are able to sniff, explore, and bond with their walker...relieving stress and setting their anxiety at ease. They are then able to be peacefully returned home, ready to greet you at the end of the day!

Whether you already have your dog walking with us on the streets of DC daily, or if you have been considering adding a walk to your dog's daily routine, now you can also understand the importance and value in what you are giving your dog in becoming a part of the Woof Walk DC family! Or, if you want join us in helping to spread this word and expand our family, share this information with a friend or neighbor and help their dog get off the couch and on the streets with its friends!


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